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Effective March 1, 2022, the following prices will be in effect at all Williamsburg Cemeteries:


Fee Schedule
Cemetery Lot – Single Grave
Residents Non-Residents
$450 $900
Opening an adult grave Monday – Friday $600.00
Opening an adult grave Saturday BEFORE NOON $700.00
Opening an adult grave Saturday AFTER NOON $800.00
Opening an adult grave Sundays or Holidays $1000.00
Infant grave (up to 42 inches) Monday – Friday $100.00
Infant grave Saturday BEFORE NOON $200.00
Infant grave Saturday AFTER NOON $300.00
Infant grave Sundays or Holidays $400.00
Cremation burial Monday – Friday $300.00
Cremation burial Saturday BEFORE NOON $400.00
Cremation burial Saturday AFTER NOON $500.00
Cremation burial Sundays or Holidays $700.00
Disinterment of infant grave $300.00
Disinterment of adult grave $1000.00
Foundation charges ($80.00 minimum) Per Sq. foot $40.00
Cemetery deed transfer between township residents $50.00
Cemetery deed transfer from twp resident to non twp resident $50.00 PLUS $450/GRAVE

Note:  These prices supersede those in the existing cemetery regulations, but do not replace any fees of a special nature that may be spelled out in those regulations.

Note:  There will be no burials on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve after noon and Christmas Day.

If you have any questions, you may contact me at 724-1110,  Monday – Friday (8AM-5PM)

In an emergency, you may contact me at my cell phone after 5PM or on weekends –



Brian Tatman,  Williamsburg Cemetery Sexton